Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drawing a Blank Here

Why is it that throughout the day I have a million ideas for posts but as soon as I sit down in front of my computer I draw a total blank??? Mmm. . . so how about some random thoughts.

-Reasons why R is a freak
He leaves his socks all over the place. Why? Is he 3? Is this common for grown men to do? My Dad never did this. I don't understand this at all. In response to this weirdness I have just started throwing the socks away. It seems like the best plan.

-Things I wish were true about me that are not
I wish I were outdoorsy person. I'm always amazed by people that hike and bike and garden and just can't wait to be outside. I love the idea of it. Everytime I hear about activities involving the outdoors I'm intrigued. But I never (or rarely) enjoy them. Part of this is because I live in Texas where cool weather means it's in the 90s or even the 80s (oh beautiful wonderful 80s weather). I do know that when I went on a vacation to Colorado in May several years ago it was about 70 and I was so happy to be outside. It was wonderful.

Another problem with outdoors in Texas is bugs. I hate bugs. All bugs. Mosquitos eat me alive and then I scratch until I leave scars. It's all in all not a pretty sight. So perhaps my problem isn't that I'm not an outdoorsy person but that I'm not an outdoorsy person in Texas.

-Crazy Advice
People have tried to convince me that I should wake up Maggie when I'm ready to go to bed and have her nurse so she won't wake me up in the middle of the night. Does this strike anyone else as a little mean? I'm going to disturb your sleep so you won't disturb mine. Who's the baby? Besides I seriously doubt that would even work. It seems like she wouldn't be too interested in nursing, might not be able to go back to sleep or some other issue that would be more of a hassle than just getting up with her in the night.

When we first moved in (a couple of weeks ago), for a blissful few days she slept through the night. It was glorious. I barely knew what to do with all my energy. Then that went away and I was sad. Sleep is truly a beautiful thing. I love sleep so much. It's amazing to me how much sleep is affected my getting up in the middle of the night. If you figure I'm only up for 10-15 minutes, I'm still sleeping plenty of time. But that interuption just totally throws my brain for a loop. I have a sleep book (for babies-well, for mommies about babies) and he talks a lot about sleep continuity so I guess there's my answer.

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