Monday, July 13, 2009

30 before 30

Inspired by Mighty Girl, but also needing a time limit, I have decided to create a list of 30 things I was to experience/achieve before I turn 30. Since I am 27 I don't have a ton of time and also R and I are planning on being rather broke for the next 3 years. Point being I can't include major travel plans like going to Greece and Italy. :( But there are many things I still would like to accomplish so here it is.

1. Hear my beautiful daughter say,"I love you, Mommy." Oh my goodness, that will be a great one.
2. Plant something and keep it alive. I'm not sure what, maybe some flowers or maybe food or spices (? is rosemary type stuff spices?).
3. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight/fitness level. I do not believe that this is impossible.
4. Completely set up my house. Have furniture in the right places and everything is functional.
5. Paint every room in my house.
6. Get all new hardware for every room in my house.
7. Dance with R in public (dance lessons don't count).
8. Plan and throw a house party.
9. Plan and have a dinner party.
10. Throw a big wonderful happy 1st birthday party for Maggie.
11. Continue blogging even if I'm the only one reading it.
12. Take Maggie on 1 vacation per year.
13. Decorate my house for Christmas (I've never done it before.).
14. Learn one new activity per year (golfing, swimming, painting, etc.)
15. Change out all my light bulbs for the good energy-saving ones.
16. Pay off all credit card debt.
17. Go on a vacation with R.
18. Have a big city fancy schmancy hair stylist create a hair style I can wear with very minimal effort every day.
19. Sand, prime, paint, etc. a piece of furniture.
20. Make a plate for Maggie every year.
21. Put Maggie's plates on the high shelf thing.
22. Start making those stepping stones with Maggie's handprints, footprints on her first birthday.
23. Let go of old crap and have fun.
24. Have a compost pile. Or make one. Whatever the correct terminology is.
25. Create Christmas traditions for our family like watching certain Christmas movies, making cookies, singing carols.
26. Go out at least once every other month. This includes getting properly dressed, wearing make-up, drinking, laughing, having fun, etc.
27. Go on another sister vacation. Elaine and I have gone to Vegas twice and San Antonio once. We always have lots of fun.
28. Go on a road trip.
29. Join a mommy group and go at least once a month for a year. (ahhh!!! that makes me nervous.)
30. Join a book club and go at least once a month for a year.

Wow this was way harder than I thought. I have been writing this for a long time. When you know you can't do the big stuff (go to Paris, see the Great Wall) it makes it a lot harder. But here it is.

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becca said...

Hi Carrie, I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoy it! Your 30 before 30 is great - and realistic! And you've inspired me to write my 40 before 40 (ugh, yes, I am exactly 10 years older than you and sadly could copy your list word for word)... Anyway - I'll be back to read more and promise to comment - because I know how giggly excited I get when someone comments on mine!