Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi, I'm Carrie. And you are. . .

I read somewhere, maybe at Notes from the Trenches, that the only difference between a blog and a newsletter is comments. So. . . I am requesting comments. Here. On this post. And/or all the other ones. Come on, Internet. I know people look at my sight. And yeah I know it's like 5 people, smartass, but still.

Hmm. . . it just occurred to me that calling a reader a mean name (like, say, for instance smartass, or something like that) and also in the same breath requesting something might not work out so well. (By the way, sorry about the whole smartass thing. I should be so lucky to get 5 comments. I see now that you were right and I was wrong. Not to mention, I mean seriously, what's so wrong with being a smartass. In the words of the little brother in Sixteen Candles (I HEART JAKE RYAN),"Would you prefer I were a dumbass?" So, I conclusion I am sorry about the smartass comment. Let's never fight again.)

Uh, where was I? Yes, yes, comments. Leave comments. I have noticed that, for me, it is much, much, much easier to leave a comment when I am answering a question. So:

1. Have you ever touched it?
2. If you answered Not Sure. . .

Ha! So funny! Get it? From Sixteen Candles? I love that. Like the most common answer to have you touched a penis is not sure. It might have been a penis but it also could have been an elbow. How great is that?

Ok, serious question:
(Drawing a blank. Thinking hard. Feeling stupid. This should be easy. Feeling panic-y. What if question is stupid? Uh, um, well. . . Hey, I know, thanks Sixteen Candles.)
1. What is your favorite 80s or 90s movie(s)?
2. Do you think it's harder to be an adult or a kid?

The second question is actually the reason I titled my blog what I did (re: Who knew this was the hard part?), which is a post all on its own (that I will write at some point).

Ok, at least one person (Elaine) must comment or I will feel very sad and pathetic (think eating by yourself at lunch in junior high-oh my god, I actually felt real and genuine pain just typing that) seeing as how I've written an entire post begging for comments.


Anonymous said...

Steal Magnolia's

A kid is harder, in my opinion.

You're welcome! I'll sit at your lunch table any time.


Anonymous said...

BTW, it's really stinkin' complicated to post a response on this thing. So you probably shouldn't take it personally if you don't get a lot of posts. Also, I think Steal Magnolia's might have come out in the early '90's, not sure.