Saturday, September 19, 2009


R has two best friends. BF1 and BF2. We went to BF2’s wedding in June. He married a young woman that he met while I was pregnant with Maggie.

BF1 just got engaged to a woman he met after I had Maggie.

R and I aren’t engaged. R’s not even sure we’ll get married.

How long do you stay with someone who doesn’t know if you’re the one? Two years? Five? Ten?

What if he’s the father of your child?


Sleeves said...

Wow. That's tough. My gut says why leave your life in the hands of someone who is ambivalent about you? I know it's tough when you have a child together, but consider this: If Maya were all grown up and in the same situation, what would you want her to do? What kind of man would you want her to be with? One who is smart enough to see how lucky he is or one who is keeping her waiting? You don't deserve any less.

becca said...

You know my thoughts on this one! But it's not so cut and dry... you deserve the best and shouldn't settle for any less. You're young and so is Maya so do what is best for the LONG run.