Monday, September 28, 2009

Any thoughts, ideas, solutions???

I have something weird happening with some of the food in my fridge. It started with my pasta. Every Sunday I make up 6 days worth of pasta, pasta sauce and fake meat (Morningstar crumbles).Well on the fifth day of eating this batch it tasted bad. Really bad. Like vinegar or alcohol or something. I even had my Dad smell it. He thought it smelled weird but not like it had gone bad. But the taste/smell was so overwhelming I couldn’t eat it.

Then yesterday Maggie finished her first bowl of food and still seemed hungry so I went and made her another bowl of food.

Because it might be important, Maggie eats a kind of puree I make for her. This time it was apples, pears, zucchini, sweet potato, and bananas blended with yogurt and I add cereal to it as she eats it.

Anyway so the second bowl had the exact same smell as my pasta.

My Mom thinks maybe something fermented or there could be a fungus but how could that happen in 2 separate sealed containers? Could it be something else in my fridge? A weird coincidence?

Also so far my pasta this week has been fine. And not all of Maya’s food had that taste. Some of the food is still normal and some isn’t.



Lauren said...

Maybe it's the containers? Have you microwaved or dishwashered them a few times too many?

Rachel said...

I HATE that - when something in the fridge makes everything smell awful. I've had that happen before and I've just thoroughly cleaned the fridge and it makes it go away. Sometimes it can be in the freezer, too...