Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Party

I noticed that I never actually wrote about the fact that I threw a birthday party for Maggie. Well I did. The long-suffering Elaine is probably reading this thinking that she actually threw the party and I guess that's not far off the mark.

I called Elaine the day of the party and totally freaked out. R and I were still cleaning and I hadn't even gone to the grocery store yet. So Elaine went for me while R and I cleaned. I am so ridiculous lame. I promised Elaine I won't throw anymore parties. She told me that, for her part, she's not going to call me or answer her phone before said parties. Ha.

Actually Maggie's party was great. I had the idea to get a poster board and have everyone write something on it for Maya then take pictures with her in front of the board. It was really cute.

We had cupcakes, which Maggie wanted no part of. She cried when I kept trying to get her to eat some so I finally left her alone. She got scared when everyone clapped for her after singing to her. Poor baby.

She wasn't too interested in presents but she did like her cards. She was perplexed with everyone staring at her. She kept running through her "tricks": so big, pretty hair, etc. It was like, "Uh, people this is all I got, what do you want?"


Rachel said...

LOL - She'll like next year's party MUCH more - I promise!! But it sounds like fun!

designHER Momma said...

someday she will love b-day parties. Next year...