Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lady Parts

So Maggie is now very interested in her lady parts. It started off that occasionally while I was changing her diaper she would reach down and do some half-assed exploring. Then every time the diaper came off her hands were going for the gold. Now before I can get her diaper off she's got her ankles by her ears and she's grabbing her soggy diaper.


I knew this would happen. I've taken child development classes and read Dr. Spock but wow. I really want to encourage a healthy sexuality in Maggie and yet. . . wow. She's essentially masturbating in front of me and her dad (poor R is so horrified by the whole thing--especially now that he can't deny what she's doing).

When I first heard that babies touch themselves I figured it was just an exploring thing and it didn't really mean anything. Then one professor pointed out that babies/children keep doing it because it feels good. Despite that being completely obvious, it rocked my world.

Babies can feel pleasure? Of the sexual kind? I thought you couldn't feel that until puberty or, you know, 20.

Maggie's doing her best to convince me that, yes, little babies can and do feel that kind of pleasure. WOW. Am I the only one shocked???

I feel so awkward about the whole thing. I don't want to remove her hand but I have to put a diaper on her. What do I do about this? Am I stifling her exploration by putting a diaper on her?

I try to smile at her so she doesn't think she's doing something wrong. I don't tell her no or move her hand before I'm actually putting the diaper on.

Good Lord this parenting gig is hard. Already I have to worry about sex stuff???



Rachel said...

LOL - I understand. Ali never went that far, but all kids are definitely fascinated by their "parts". But it's just a phase - she'll probably be over it and onto other mischiefs in no time!

becca said...

Yes, Rachel is right about it being a phase! Hannah went through this too,literally prying "herself" apart to get a better look (and feel). But she doesn't do it anymore. It really didn't last too long. And I'm sure it will come back as another phase but for now I'll enjoy her time with her hands OUT of her pants!