Monday, November 23, 2009

To Do or Not to Do

I've been struggling with the idea of possibly changing careers. I don't really have any idea what I would do if I quit my current job but that's not really all that important. Assuming that finding another, higher-paying job were not an issue, here's my list of pros and cons of leaving my job. Please weigh in. Any and all opinions are quite welcome.

  • I could make more money. As a teacher I don't make too much money. Unfortunately I have debt including credit card debt, school loans, a car and making more money means I could pay that all off which would help me to eventually be able to work a lot less and spend more time with Maggie.
  • I'm not too thrilled with my job. I love and genuinely care for my students but I freaking hate all the red tape BS that I have go through. I feel like I'm constantly fighting admin (either my principal or the Sp.Ed. department) or dealing with crazy parents. I hate it. Not to mention that I work with defiant, oppositional, violent, aggressive children, meaning I've been hit, kicked, bit, spit on, felt up, you name it.
  • I feel like a job is just a job and no matter what it's just going to be something I do so I might as well make a lot of money doing whatever it is I do.
  • Less time with Maggie. As a teacher I have a ton of time off. I get a week off for Thanksgiving and Spring Break, a couple of weeks at Christmas AND all of summer. I'm very weary of losing that time with my baby. She's growing up so fast, I just don't know.
So there are my reasons. There are probably about a 1,000 more but this what I got so far. What do you think???


Rachel said...

It's a hard decision - I don't know! For me, teaching was never something I would have the patience to do - and like your third point, I'm much too practical - if I'm going to work, it's going to maximize my income.

But those off days - that's a pretty good deal.

Good luck with making decisions!!

Angela said...

That's a hard decision. I knew it was time for me to stop teaching when I was crossing the parking lot without looking for traffic and was genuinely disappointed when I reached the door..."Damn, didn't get hit by a car. Have to go to work today."

I hope you never let any job get you to that point!

You spend so much of your life at work, it really should be something you love! It makes such a difference both at work and at home when you love your job.

Best of luck!

Ruth said...

How possible would it be to look into other positions while still being a special ed teacher? I subbed for a few years, and I noticed that special ed classrooms varied widely, some were pretty peaceful and enjoyable situations while others were insanity. Nothing's perfect, but I wonder if you could find something that would be more enjoyable for you while maintaining the schedule that gives you time with your daughter? As for the pay, that doesn't seem to be improving anytime soon... : (