Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my grandma, GG, and that whole side of the family. That side of the family includes her 5 brothers and all of their kids and their kids' kids. Lots of family.

But it's great. I love going to Thanksgiving out there. Especially because there are so many kids for Maggie to play with.

We carpooled with Elaine and her husband. We had dinner on the way down there at an awesome Mexican food restaurant that had a Starbucks inside it. How cool is that?

Maggie had a hard time sleeping while we were there. Since R and I sat in the back seat with her on the ride down there, she refused to sleep until the last 30 minutes. But apparently that 30 minutes was all she needs cos she was ready to play, play, play. . . at 10:30pm.

That was absolutely no fun at all. We got home on Friday evening and put Maggie to bed at about 6pm. She woke up at 9:45pm with a poopy diaper. I nursed her, put her back to bed and she slept until noon. And actually we woke her up at noon.

Anyway we had a lot of fun. The best part was watching Maggie play with her cousins, which is a whole other post.

The worst part was being lectured about how R and I need to get married. That was not fun. I knew she was planning this and I warned R. He made a big deal about how he wasn't going to put up with that, blah, blah, blah. But he had nothing to say. At all. But my GG is no joke. You don't mess with her.

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