Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12

Best part of the day: My time with Maggie. It's so great to have her home. I have missed her like crazy. With my Mom/nanny out of town she's had to stay with my Dad a lot. It's been really hard not having her here with me. My stepmom told me that Sunday night/Monday day she kept asking, "Mama?" over and over. That hurts. My poor little baby. But she's home now and it's so much nicer.

Worst part of the day: I can't really think of anything. Maybe my workout, that was hard. But still working out is good so. . .

Maggie moment: We have this little game we play where she'll make some random sound like um and I'll mimic her. She thinks it's so funny and will give me these excited looks before she makes the sound again and as soon as she does, I'll repeat it back. It's silly but so, so sweet.

Gratitude: That my baby girl is home. Being separated sucks.

That's R's father is getting better. Things seem better by the day. Already he is discussing going to back to racing once he heals. The trick will be slowing him down so he can actually do that.

That my Mom is back. Because she can keep Maggie and because I like her alright.

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