Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16

Best part of my day: Well I got a lot done. I now need reading glasses so I got to pick out my new frames.

I got to spend a ton of time with R and Maggie, which is always so nice. Plus R and I will be starting our at-home date night soon.

I worked out and got to take a nap.

Worst part of my day: While I was at the grocery store, there was a man there with his son and daughter. He was so mean to his son. It was awful. I didn't really hear what he said but I could hear his tone and it was condescending and mean. The kid was having trouble tying his shoes and his Dad bent down to do it and told the kid he should know how to do this by now and watch because he's sick of doing it. It was awful. I really hope I never have such a hard, bad day that I would talk to Maggie like that.

Maggie moment: She spent a lot of time with R today since he's been out town for almost 2 weeks between work and his father's accident. Listening to her laugh and play with him is so sweet.

Also she has started to be more interested in reading books and will ask, "Book?" I am so happy to oblige her.

Gratitude: That my eyes are mostly healthy and I only need glasses for reading. That I get to wear cute frames and help myself out.

That R is such a kind, gentle father to Maggie.

Maggie, always Maggie. My sweet baby.

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