Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19

Best part of the day: This is going to sound weird but I spent about half an hour with my assistant principal and it was nice. We chatted about books and working out/dieting and it was nice to talk to an adult.

Also when I got to my Mom's house, Maggie was still asleep. I went in the room without waking her and was able to watch her sleep for a couple of minutes. She was so peaceful and sweet. She woke up but didn't move and didn't realize I was there for a couple of minutes. When she finally looked up she seemed happy to see me. . . and very tired. Poor baby, she didn't even make it to her bed time before she was out.

Worst part of the day: My aide, Lynette, is having a hard time. Her douche bag ex stood up their kids. Again. She had a negative pregnancy test and our principal was giving her a hard time about nothing important (hence why I was talking with the ASSISTANT principal). I felt really bad for her.

She was with her ex for 11 years and since they split up he has become a complete loser. He doesn't pay child support (and when he does, he always asks to borrow money), doesn't see their kids, doesn't call on special occasions. It's awful. As a mother, I can't imagine watching my kids get hurt like that.

Luckily she's married to a great guy now who loves the kids but still I know it's a difficult situation.

Maggie moment: She is quite the walker. She walks all over the place with much less stumbling. She's even agile enough to bounce up and down when she wants something.

She loves pointing pictures and trying to tell me what they are. It's quite cute. Most of it I can't understand but sometimes I'll hear puppy or flowers. It's amazing how fast they grow up. I know she's still a baby but just barely. She's walking and talking and requesting (Eat?).

Gratitude: I'm so grateful that despite being tired and feeling lazy I worked out today. I may not have given it my all (or my half) but dammit, I did it!

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