Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3

Best part of the day: Celebrating my Dad's 21st AA birthday. Maggie was very excited by the whole thing. And it was fun being around everyone. Plus there was a teeny tiny baby there and I got to hold her. My ovaries still hurt.

Worst part of the day: Honest to God, I can't think of anything.

Maggie moment: At the meeting people go up and talk and introduce all the people celebrating their birthdays and then the celebrants talk. Maggie was noisy throughout. Everyone was really nice about it (I've known everyone for years and they are family to my dad and stepmom).

Also there is an older man there that is really big and has a big white beard. And every time Maggie sees him she says, "Ho, ho, ho." He plays Santa during Christmas so he's not offended or anything. But seriously, how stinking cute is that?

Gratitude: My parents for helping me with Maggie this week. I'm in a tight spot. My Mom (who usually watches Maggie--thank the Lord) is still out of town with my grandma. R is in Arkansas on business. Maggie's spending the night with them tonight and they are at least keeping her tomorrow.

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