Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5

Going back to work after a long break sucks. I was so freaking tired yesterday I didn't do anything. But that was yesterday and today has been much better. Well sort of.

Best part of today: Seeing Maggie after like 40 hours. My Mom is out of town with my grandma who is in the hospital so I have no childcare. My Dad could watch her but he wanted her to come stay, which is completely understandable but jeez. I missed her so much. When I saw her today it made me so happy.

Worst part of today: Bad news about my GG. Apparently she is barely eating and hadn't peed in over a day (she has a catheter in now). The docs told my mom and uncle that she wouldn't be going to a nursing home and that she won't last more than a few weeks. I'm still hopeful that she'll be fine but I'm starting to think I'm being a little dense about things. I just cannot wrap my mind around this. She was fine at Thanksgiving. How can things have gotten to this point in a month???

Maggie moment: My Dad gave her a bath yesterday but he couldn't find any lotion to put on her. He told me she kept scratching her head so I should put some lotion on it. Turns out putting lotion in dry hair is. . . interesting. Good Lord, her hair is sticking out all over the place. She looks like she touched one of those static electricity ball things.

Gratitude: I'm grateful to my Dad for helping me out with Maggie the last couple of days.

I'm grateful that Mom and uncle have this time to be with my grandmother.

I'm grateful that my baby girl is back home with me.

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