Monday, January 11, 2010

When it rains,

it freaking pours.

My GG passed away late Wednesday night. My sister, brother-in-law and I drove down there, helped with all the funeral arrangements and spent time with family. It's still so shocking and unreal to me. But I think that's a whole 'nother post.

R and Maggie came for the funeral on Saturday afternoon. After the funeral our whole family had dinner and then we headed home. We got home about 11pm. I put Maya straight in bed (she slept almost the whole ride and didn't really wake up when I moved her). And then I went to bed.

R stayed up to watch his Dad's races. His Dad is a harness driver, which is basically a chariot race. It's really popular in the Northeast, where he used to race. He now races in California. As R was watching one of the races he got to watch his Dad get in a horrible accident.

His Dad, R Sr., got clipped by another driver causing them to collide and his horse fell on him. Twice. Usually when there is an accident, the remaining drivers continue the race but the announcer stopped the race and called for an ambulance because the second time the horse fell on R Sr. he didn't move.

R couldn't get a hold of anyone. He called every hospital in Sacramento. He called the track. Finally as a last ditch effort he sent an email to the announcer. And he called him. The announcer told R it was the worst accident he'd seen in 20 years. So R bought a ticket to California.

R Sr. broke every bone in his face except his eye bones and his jaw and teeth. Air was forced up his sinuses into his brain, which apparently is really bad. He broke his arm clean through. So badly, in fact, that they can't do surgery, just put it in a sling and hope it heals well. He's already had surgery on his face. It's so swollen he can't see or hear out of one ear. He's also pretty sure this is the end of his racing career. He's 49 and this is the only thing he has ever done.

Today I went back to work. I take my lunch in the classroom while my aide takes our students to the cafeteria to eat. I was enjoying my lunch and blogs when she came bursting in the room, obviously crying.

She had just gotten a call that her husband had collapsed and wasn't breathing. He was being rushed to the hospital.

Luckily, he is doing much, much better. The doctors thought he was having a heart attack but it turns out it was a horrible reaction from mixing a prescription cold medicine with an over-the-counter sinus medicine. I never believed stuff like that happened.

So that's my last few days. The new year is kicking my ass.

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