Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24, 2010

Day 4 of the South Beach diet
I lost another 0.8 pound today. Woo hoo!!! Very exciting stuff. It's still going quite well. Ironically I read a short article (well, skimmed) about detoxing diets and they said when you ditch the sugar, you can experience bad withdrawal symptoms for up to 2 weeks. Wow. I've noticed minor headaches but it's definitely much better. Here's hoping it stays that way.

When school ended, my Mom was so upset that she wouldn't be watching Maggie every day anymore (because for some reason she is not able to come to my house). So I offered to bring her over and let her stay the day once every week. My Mom was thrilled and quite grateful.

So starting last week, I brought her over and she stayed about 5 or 6 hours. Then today, which would have been the second time, they canceled because my Mom has had a migraine for 2 days and is going to the ER.

First, good Lord. Always sick. They are always sick. I bet the ER folks know them on a first name basis.

Second, you couldn't have given me any notice. They called this morning. I got the message as I was driving over there. Because I had this day, I've been packing it full of stuff that isn't convenient to have a baby at. So I had to find someone else to watch Maggie and cancel some stuff. Come on Mom. Geez.

Third, a few hours later my stepdad called me and said they would keep her early next week and I said I couldn't do that because of stuff we have planned but she could come again on Thursday. And, well he didn't say anything outright but I think he was mad. He was a little gruffy and said something about how much they missed her. It annoys me. It's not like we're in China. She's right here, just come over. Or join us when we go out. I'm not keeping her from anyone.

I hope I don't sound ungrateful. I'm not. I am very grateful that my Mom keeps her and I'm even grateful for the day I have to run errands without a toddler in tow. But come on. I'm just annoyed.

Best part of the day

Maggie's tumbling class. I really think I like it more than her. She likes it but I freaking adore it. Watching the little ones run around and do their little activities. It's just so cute and sweet. She did so well today. I was so proud. Well actually I guess she did fuss a lot but still she did most of the stuff and she was tired.

My little mama is getting so big. She's definitely starting up the terrible two's. She a little early though. I'm getting much more attitude although, the grandparents get it even worse. I guess you have to be firm or she'll run wild.


I donated blood today. And I'm grateful that my blood will help people. It's a weird thing to think about but possibly my blood could save someone's life. Probably not but it will help. I'm grateful that I'm able to do this. It's such a small thing to do. It hurts a little but it's quick and you get to sit back and (mostly) relax. And the payback is that someone gets vital medical help. That's a pretty nice return on your deposit.

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