Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010

Surprisingly my sunburn that looked pretty bad last night is almost gone this morning. I am perplexed; I thought sunburns got worse the next day. Whatever. Now I'm mostly brown with a bit of red. I'm pretty sure I didn't put on sunblock often enough. Well, obviously.

I decided to go through my dressers last night (and my closet today) and clear out everything that is too big or something I'm never going to wear. I can't believe how much more room I have. Plus I discovered clothes I'd forgotten I had. Ah, uncluttering is a wonderful thing.

Day 7/End of Week 1 on the South Beach Diet

I gained 0.2 pound, which WTF. I'm not upset about it; I'm just surprised. I was hungry all day yesterday because we were out so I didn't have constant access to food. And I exercised and floated in a pool, I thought I'd for sure have a loss. But still not that horrible. Especially considering I still lost 7 pounds this first week. I am shocked. I can't believe that. That's amazing. I am becoming a spokesperson for SB diet. 7 pounds!

Best part of the day

Ok, I was a total grumpalumpagus today. But I did go to a really hard yoga class. This guy kicked my rear. That was a great part of the day.

Also when Maggie got up from her second nap, R brought in the room with us. She kept saying hi mommy and pretty mommy and giving me kisses. And she was just in a great mood. I'd say she's definitely feeling better.

Which means it's time to start potty training again. Yikes.


People who are kind to parents. There are two parts to this. One is that parents (or rather, children) are often discriminated against. People don't like them and don't tend to want them around unless they are related to them. While I've never noticed them (I'm not really the type to notice), I've heard of parents getting dirty looks.

Now I'm not talking about the parent who brings their baby and toddler to a midnight showing of Pineapple Express (true story!). That's ridiculous. I'm talking about being in the grocery store or any store. Being at the post office. Not when your kid is throwing a giant tantrum but just being a kid.

People that are still kind to my child mean a lot to me. I often worry that people are judging every move I make when I'm with my daughter and a kind smile or word goes really far.

The second is a fact. It's hard to do anything with a child in tow. Maybe that is less true as children get older but my daughter isn't yet 2 and it has consistently been true for me. Doing anything and everything is exponentially harder when she's with me. I have to carry her, her stuff, watch her constantly, etc. It's hard. When R, Maggie and I flew back from Atlanta, the bags took forever to show up. Finally we decided that R would go get the car and I would get the bags. Then we'd meet up.

We had only packed one huge bag and I was holding Maya. As soon as the alarm went off a man walked up and asked me if I thought I'd be able to get my bag. I said oh of course no problem. Even though I was thinking oh Lord I don't know. He got his bag well before I did but he waited until I made a move for my bag, then jumped in and grabbed it.

I can see how some people might be offended by this (or maybe I've just read too many feminist rants) but I thought it was so kind. He knew it would be hard for me to get a bag while holding a toddler. I couldn't really put her down in an airport baggage claim area filled with people and less than 3 feet from a door. So he waited politely and helped. That is true kindness.

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