Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010

Day 10 of the South Beach Diet

Well, I'm back down to my original low on this diet. I lost a pound. Very exciting stuff. 12.8 pounds to go.

Best part of the day

We've got a 3 parter today. My first best part was when Maggie and I went to tumbling class this morning. We did all the activities. I tried to really back off today and see how much she could do on her own. I'm still heavily involved and helping and guiding, I just tried to do that less. She still did really well. At the beginning when they sing and do motions, she just sat there. I think she only did one thing the whole time. I don't think she understood that part. But the rest of it: she did great.

Second best part of my day was my yoga class. I know, I know. I'm obsessed with yoga. But I love it. I met two nice women who also go to my yoga class so that was nice.

Third best part of my day was getting a facial this evening. It was the last part of a gift certificate that R got me. It was blissful. Amazing. Wonderful. Oh, it was so awesome.


I read a post today about a sick child. Or rather a child that is behind developmentally. I cannot even imagine having to deal with that. Having to think about Maggie dealing with that. I am so grateful that she is a healthy child. I know that everyone has their thing; something that holds them back or whatever. And she'll have something just like every other child. But oh, for now I'm so glad she is healthy.

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