Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

South Beach Diet and Yoga

The diet's going great. I'm down to another low, only 9.8 pounds til my main goal. I may want to lose more once I get there but seeing as that's the lowest I've ever been, that's my goal.

Yoga is blissful. I had another great class today. My legs have gotten so strong. I have almost no cellulite on my thighs anymore. Woo hoo!!!

Best part of my day

I love picking Maggie up from daycare after yoga class. She is always so excited. It makes me happy to see her standing there, looking for me. It just makes me feel so happy.

Also I really like being part of a mommy group. It's so nice to have other mommy friends.


I feel so grateful. I have such abundance in my life. I am a lucky woman.

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Minky said...

NO cellulite? Now that's a selling point for yoga right there!! And only 9 pounds til your goal weight? That's awesome! Well done! I am going to poke around your blog for a bit!