Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

Diet and Yoga

So yesterday wasn't so great on the food front. I definitely wanted to eat just to eat, which is bad. Today I fought the urge all day. I wonder sometimes if I don't get a little self-destructive the closer I get to my goal. Maybe. . . or maybe I'm just sick of eating fish, veggies, beans, eggs and cheese.

That's the thing: the bad, processed junk is so good. I love it but it hates me. It makes me feel and look like crap. And it truly is addictive.

And speaking of sabotaging (well, we sort of were), Jake bought me a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. What a punk. I'm on a freaking diet, man!

I did better at doing yoga at home today. I love yoga but it's hard at home. I have to really fight the urge to slack.

In better news, remember when I was buying jeans and I couldn't decide to buy size 6 or 8. Well, I went with 6. . . and now they're too big. Oh happy days. Seriously I feel like crying over that. Size 4 jeans. That's crazy talk. How can I be small enough for that? I do not know but I like it.

Best part of my day

Listening to Maggie's belly laughs while I 'got' her. You know the game: "I'm gonna get you." She laughed so hard. Oh, my baby is so sweet. Or rather my toddler is so sweet.


I am grateful for my podcasts that enable me to do yoga at home (I'm not going to be coming up with my own routine--I mean, I could do it for someone else but not for me). It's nice to know that I don't have to stop Maggie from falling asleep so we can go to my yoga class.

Still, I'm sure tomorrow I'll be grateful for going to my yoga class.

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