Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

Diet and Yoga

I was right about yoga class; it was wonderful. Joseph (my favorite yoga teacher ever) was all about me today. This can be good or bad. Today I'm not so sure. When your yoga teacher is all about you, it usually means you will be having a much more difficult practice than you would have. I.e. Can you reach your foot?


*push* Oh look, now you can.


So good but painful, I guess. Still he is an amazing teacher. When I open my yoga studio I will definitely make sure he works there.

Ah, the diet. It's going good but I'm thinking about switching to another diet (or lifestyle, as everyone loves to call diets nowadays). I've been reading a lot about primal. The biggest problem with going primal is the minor fact that I am a vegetarian. Yeah, it makes things a bit difficult. But I do eat fish and I do eat eggs so I might give it a go.

When you go primal you can't ever eat any grains at all. No dairy either. You can eat quinoa, beans and fruit occasionally. Mainly you eat fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Love that variety. I don't know. Of course after looking around AndreAnna's site I see there are lots of options for faking not-allowed food. She's made pizza crust and "rice" with cauliflower. She's also made fake oatmeal and pancakes and freaking bread. That doesn't seem so bad. Plus she has amazing before and after pictures. Good Lord, in 3 weeks?

I also had a bit of a breakdown today. I ate a lot of badness. I was fine, perfectly fine until we went out to dinner. Even though I ate fine when I got home I wanted that stupid ice cream stupid Jake got me. Whatever. It happened. All I can do is move on.

Best part of the day

Taking Maggie to visit her grandmother, grandfather and aunt. They love her so much and it's great to see her interacting with them.


I am so grateful I got to go to a yoga class today. See I told you.

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Minky {moo} said...

I should go to yoga. My gym has a great yoga class,for some reason I always chicken out and just do the elliptical. I mean when I used to go. You freaking impress me every time I come to this blog...Also I ate a hist ton of cookie dough yesterday, so I also understand eating a lot of badness. Tomorrow is another day, right?