Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2, 2010

Happiness Project: Focus on the Positive

This is so hard for me. I'm not sure why because every time I do it I think wow this really works and yet I always think it won't work. It won't do to not point out R was wrong about something. It won't do to CHOOSE not to take something personally. It won't do to notice the gorgeous weather and not the bugs. But when I do this it makes me so much happier.

One way that I've found that makes it easier for to remember this is to try to say thank you a lot. And not just to people but, I guess, to God or the universe.

Thank you for this green light.

Thanks you for this great find.

I am so grateful that this yoga class is so hard that my face is soaked in sweat and body is shaking.

I am so grateful I have this moment with my daughter.

When you are constantly saying thank you, it makes it much easier to focus on the positive.

Day 11 of the South Beach Diet

I lost another 0.6 pound. Woo hoo! Definitely going in the right direction now.

I also figured out that I was, unknowingly, eating an off-list food. I was eating low carb yogurt for my dairy every day and it turns out you aren't supposed to do that. So yesterday I switched to low-fat cheese, which is specifically mentioned on his allowed list.

Best part of the day

Maggie peed in the potty today!!! We're on day 5 of potty training boot camp and she did it. We only had one accident (and she was with Daddy--he isn't with her all day so he might have missed something). She also had one success (our first). I was so happy I let her watch cartoons (we never watch any TV) for hours today.

My yoga class was amazing. At one point I went to wipe a bead of sweat that was heading for my eye and when I touched my face I realized the entire thing was soaking wet. I've never been sweaty like that not even when I took hot yoga. How is that possible?

Also guess what size Gap jeans I fit into today. Go on guess. 10? No. 8? No. 6? F*ck yeah!!! Size 6 with 12 pounds to go. I am so freaking happy about this, you have no idea.


I think I'm growing a little. I had a perfect opportunity to say I told you so to R. Several days ago he wanted to know why we weren't staying two days with my family for the fourth of July. I told him because I thought he worked. And made this big deal about how no one works on that day because it's a major federal holiday. I told him that people do work and that I was pretty sure he had no days off until later in the year (they get a lot of time off at Christmas/NYE but very little through the rest of the year).

Then today my uncle asked me if we wanted to stay. I told him to ask R but that it was fine with me. Then after a while, I texted Jake to find out what the deal was and he said we weren't staying Sunday. I didn't ask why but about 10 minutes later I got a text saying (wait for it. . . ) he did have to work. And I didn't write back: I f*cking told you so, sucker!

Growth people, real growth.

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