Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6, 2010

Happiness Project: Hug, kiss and touch more

Again, pretty self-explanatory. I know that skin to skin touch releases feel-good, bonding hormones (which is why mommies are told to hold their naked babies against their bare chests). So more touch is always good, in any relationship.

Day 16 of the South Beach Diet

Uh, doing well. I think I lost another 0.2 pound. Woo hoo! Closing in.

Best part of my day

R and I took Maggie to a petting zoo today. It was so cute watching her interact with all the little animals. The funniest part was when she got pecked by a chicken. It didn't hurt but her reaction was so shocked.

She also kicked a cow. R put her near the cow but was holding her up so she could pet him. She started kicking and got him in the face. Poor guy. R pet him a lot as an apology.


I am so grateful for my yoga practice. I love it. I love feeling (and seeing) my body get stronger. I love knowing I can go deeper into a pose or hold it longer. I love flowing through the class. I love, love yoga. Although I'm not at my pre-preggo weight yet, my body (I think) looks amazing, especially my back, arms and shoulders. I feel absolutely amazing.

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