Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My poor hair. I was thinking of all the crazy things I have done to it. I don’t have many pictures but I remember them all.

In high school I thought I would take my thick, dark, curly hair and redo it into a blonde pixie ala Drew Barrymore circa 1998. Why? Oh good Lord. And when it looked bad I kept cutting it shorter for a few months. It was awful.

Then after a breakup, I decided I needed a change. So I chopped off my hair (I’m seeing a pattern) and tried to die it light red. But because it had been died even darker than it is naturally it turned out burnt orange. I was going for an angled bob but it was so big I just looked kinda like Carrot Top.

Now I mostly just ignore my poor hair. It’s in a pony tail most every day. Certainly every week day. And despite the fact that pretty much every time I cut it short it looks like crap, I’m planning on going short again. Maybe some bangs. I need to shake things up. My poor hair is becoming boring, depressing hair.

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