Friday, October 8, 2010


OMG! I have had a major break through with the intuitive eating stuff.

After reading a couple of Geneen Roth books, I still felt unsure. I'm a very right-brained, analytical type person and her writing is less straight forward that I like. She writes beautifully and I like her books a lot but for starting out, I didn't find them very helpful.

So I bought the book Intuitive Eating by two nutritionists. I love, love it. No complaints at all. I've been following their guidelines as close as possible for less than a week AND. . .

1. I decided I wanted to binge last night. I had already surrendered to the inevitability of it. I had even gotten the food out. Suddenly I said to myself, "If you do this, it is a binge." And I didn't. I put the food back and left it at that.

2. I was hungry this morning but I had morning duty. I decided I would eat an apple to tide myself over until I could eat my breakfast. I took one bite of my apple, decided I didn't want it and threw it away.

3. Someone was getting people lunch at work today. I had my choice between Jack in the Box and Subway. I genuinely thought about the choice. I imagined eating my favorite meal from JB and it didn't seem like something I wanted.

I always pick the worst thing on the menu, always go for the worst (in terms of nutrition) choice. I chose Subway. And I was happy about my choice.


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