Friday, October 1, 2010


The eating stuff is going quite well. It’s still hard but better. I’ve been trying to read a lot on the subject. I’m really liking the book Intuitive Eating. I don’t know if I have the trust in myself to just let go and eat whatever I want but maybe some day.

Still I feel better about things. I’m discovering a lot as I go along. How I can do things better, what works best for me, etc. It’s a journey, right? I feel like there’s not much else to say.

Work sucks. I’m really hating my job. I’m still looking for something else. I’m sure something will pop up.

R is gone at school a lot which makes things really strained between us.

Maggie is precious. She is so funny. Every day she cracks me up. We are doing a daily calendar where we talk about the months and days of the week and numbers and weather and seasons. Very fun. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to homeschool, which is kinda funny considering I'm a freaking teacher. But for some reason I feel scared about it.

I guess this is a super boring post so I'll end it. But before I go I should mention that I'm trying to just write for a while every day. So I'll probably be putting up more random posts. I'm just trying my hand at something new.

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Charlotte said...

Sorry about Work and Jake but I'm glad the eating stuff is going well! Yay!!