Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Well today was a very lazy day. A lot of sitting around, watching kid movies and cuddling with my baby. I was a little sad because I was walking out the door to go running and it was raining so that sucked.

Maggie and I had dinner with Dad and Mo. I talked about my various job options. It feels good to realize there are options. I'm so glad I finally realized I'm not trapped in my situation. It's amazing the difference from just realizing I'm not trapped and I don't have to continue being harassed. I feel so much better, so much less stressed. The difference is palpable. I'm interested to find out whether or not I need surgery. Either way, I'll be fine and that's nice to realize that. I know I keep saying the same thing but I just can't believe how much time I spent letting myself be treated horribly and getting sicker and sicker. I'm so glad this is almost over.

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