Thursday, March 22, 2012

I hate dieting. . .

Oh my Lord, I feel like crap. I am so tired and, uh, not clear-headed and shaky and headachy and just hungry. I hate dieting! But on the plus side, I saw my surgeon today to do a post-op check and while he was checking my incisions (on my stomach), he commented that I appeared to have lost weight. Woo hoo! FYI, I got my surgery less than 3 weeks ago and my Mirena out less than 2 weeks ago.

Everything else is blah. I'm just tired and feeling crappy. Hopefully that will get better. I just want all this damn weight off.

I went to a super cool indoor playground today with Lynette. Her new baby, Eric, is so stinking cute. I held him and rocked him all morning. Maggie had a blast too. She rode a train and a zebra (like a walking zebra but an electric (?) one; it was weird but cool); she played in the ball pits, attempted mini golf, played with other kids, jumped on giant trampoline. It was awesome. The only downside was it cost $12. But goodness she had fun.

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