Monday, March 12, 2012

Mirena Crash, cont.

Ok, I feel much, much better today but still very tired. I don't feel foggy or drugged and I haven't passed out from exhaustion so I suppose much better from yesterday.

I wanted to kind of look over my symptoms from Mirena (I think) and try to gauge how things are.

Depression--I feel fine on this front but I'm on 3 anti-depressants. I don't think I'll know for sure on this one until I try to wean off being on so much medication. But there's no mood swings or anything.

Weight--I weighed and measured my stomach on Saturday so I'll check again this Saturday. I'm not sure if I feel any different or not. Of course I ended up having a huge fast food meal because I was in an unexpected 3 hour meeting (having only had a smoothie and coffee) that lasted until after 6pm (plus an hour drive there and then an hour home). Yikes! So that's not going to help things. I do plan on starting a diet soon so perhaps if it actually works, I'll know something on that front as well.

Exhaustion--Like I said, very tired, but I'm pretty sure that's the Mirena crash and not indicative of what I'll be like once that passes.

Hair Loss--Ok, I actually THINK this might be improving. There seemed to be less hair falling out in the shower and into the comb today. But, of course, it's very difficult to tell. Especially if it slowly gets better. But I'll keep paying attention.

Giant Boobs--Still giant. :(

Well, I guess that's still it. God, I so hope after this crash I'll go back to normal. It's scary to think that either the damage from the Mirena is done and irreversible or that all this crap really has nothing to do with the Mirena at all. It's scary to hope but here's to hoping.

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