Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mirena Rant

I just read about Charlotte's problems with her anti-depressant. Basically her pharmacist just hands her a new bottle of her meds, saying hey, it's a new manufacturer, no problem, it won't have any effect at all. But she goes home and spends the next few weeks with all kinds of fun depression symptoms. LUCKILY, she makes the connection, calls her pharmacist, who says, "oh yeah, it can have that effect. Oops." Really? I can't even describe how angry this makes me. If he or she knew there was a possible effect, WHY wouldn't s/he warn her so if she noticed changes, she could switch immediately.

Why would you ever mess around with someone's mental health like that??? When I think of the nights I would rock my daughter and wish I could kill myself, it makes me sick. I used to think that she would be so much better off raised by my sister and her husband, that I was SELFISH to stay alive and keep her from them. But then I figured she'd be screwed up from having had a mom that committed suicide! Wow, what insight there. So, how many women don't find a way around it? How many do take their own lives because they think everything will be so much better without them around?

I've said this before but I'm saying it again. If I had ever seen the warning on the Canadian website about not taking Mirena if you suffer from depression or other mental illness, I NEVER would have put that damn thing in. I suffered for years with undiagnosed depression, I never would have risked going back there. Especially when my depression was so easily managed.

I'm so angry about this: I'm angry that no one warned me or my sister for that matter (she was trained on Mirena and told that it was wonderful--side effect wise pretty much no different that using condoms--ie, there are no side effects). I'm angry that it never occurred to me that the Mirena could be causing all my symptoms. I'm angry that I blindly put something in my body without doing research.

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Charlotte said...

This makes me want to get mine out SO BAD now. Hair loss is bad enough but if it's making my depression worse... ARGH. I'm calling my doc to have a chat first thing Monday morning. Thanks for all the sympathy and info!!