Friday, March 16, 2012

Mirena Side Effects

I think I have another side effect from the Mirena. It's funny because this is something I wouldn't have even said was a problem but the difference is quite marked so it's hard to miss.

The past few days I've been eating less food than usual. I wasn't making an effort, it just happened. And I noticed I wasn't as "snacky" as usual. Then a couple of days ago, I was starving and decided to stop and Sonic and get the same thing I always get. I couldn't even eat half and even from that I was so full. So, I'm guessing the Mirena was causing me to have a bigger appetite, which makes sense, of course.

I plan on going on a diet soon. I kind of wanted to just eat and exercise the way I had been to see what kind of difference just taking the Mirena out made. But I'm so sick of being so overweight, I've got to do something. I think I'll be successful with weight loss this time. I've already seen a pretty strong correlation to getting the Mirena out and positive effects on me. I'll keep updating on the weight loss.

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