Friday, March 9, 2012

My Mirena is Out!

So I called my OB/GYN first thing this morning and she couldn't see me until Monday. So I called my former OB/GYN nurse practitioner and she couldn't see me so I told the scheduler that I needed her to look at every doctor and nurse practitioner in their group and find someone who could get me in to have this thing removed immediately. They got me in at 12.30pm.

I can't even tell you how huge this is for me. I can't stop thinking about all these links and how MAYBE all this is because of my Mirena. I'm trying really hard to not get my hopes up too much in case this has all been caused my pregnancy or is just a really weird coincidence and it's all random. But the thought, that I could go back to my old self is beyond exciting. That I could get off most of my anti-depressants, lose this weight, not be so damn tired all the time, stop losing all my hair; I can't even imagine how awesome that would be. So I'll be updating all these symptoms and anything else I notice.

I got to my appointment and a women (probably a medical assistant) took me back and asked what the problem was. I told her, "My sister is a nurse practitioner in women's health, and she used to work with this group at another location. She knew all my backstory and, on a whim, googled Mirena IUD and depression and found a ton of information about women having issues with depression when they got a Mirena put in." As I was talking she started laughing and said, "You know everything you read on the Internet isn't true." Wow, thanks, I guess I shouldn't have sent all my bank information to that Kenyan prince. I mean really???

And the thing is my sister is way more educated and has more experience that anyone I saw today and she recommended I get it out. What's the difference between her telling me and a different NP or doctor??? That was quite irritating. But I just blew it off; I was so happy to be getting it out.

The doctor came in and asked me the same questions and I told her the same thing (and about how I had been on 1 medication (low dosage) pre-Mirena and now was on 3--highest dosages). I also told her that Mirena's Canadian website warns that women who suffer from depression or mental illness should NOT have a Mirena. She laughed and said, "I wouldn't go that far." Well, lady I don't give a f**k what you would do; if a drug company says you shouldn't take this, you don't take it!!! But again, I was just wanting to get it out.

The removal seriously took less than 1 minute. I know some women described a lot of pain but they put the duck looking (speculum?) thing in and then just pulled it out. Bam! I barely felt anything. As she was leaving the doctor said, "You know, I've put in about 4 or 5 Mirenas and I've only had 1 woman get it removed because of side effects." And I thought that's 20-25% of your patients that made the connection with their symptoms and their Mirena and went through with getting it removed. How many more didn't connect the two and still are suffering?

After she left, the other woman (I'm guessing another medical assistant) asked me what had happened and I told her the same thing and she was shocked. She said even if I had come to them complaining of my symptoms, they would have just prescribed more anti-depressants; they never would have thought it was the Mirena. She then asked if I would update the office so they have the information for future patients. I can't believe she was the only one with any concern for other women in the same possible position. Although, she was probably just the only one who believed me at all. But whatever, it's out!!!!

I've been spotting a little today, nothing bad at all. I'll probably start a period pretty quickly. That's the only downside; I haven't had a period since I got pregnant in late December 2007 and I haven't missed them. But oh well, definitely worth it!

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Emily Crow said...

I had a very similar experience with the depo-provera shot. It made me depressed and gave me such horrible mood swings that I felt insane. Before getting the shot, I was fine, even happy. Within a week...blammo! What upset me the most was that I was never warned this could happen, and the doctor and medical staff were so disbelieving. Later I talked to other women who'd tried it (this was in the days before the Internet) and found out that my experience was not so unusual. Good luck to you post-Mirena!