Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow, also know as I hate Mirena

Ok, today was amazing. I felt amazing and had endless energy (well, maybe not endless). But seriously, I got more done today than. . . honestly, I don't even know when and I was happy to do it. No numbing out/hiding out in TV, internet or a book. I was up and doing things with Maggie or taking care of things all day. I did a big craft with her, made and played a game on the sidewalk, took a long walk, made three other DIY things for her, ran 2 errands, read to her, made her an actual lunch and dinner (and cleaned up), and more. I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. I took care of a ton of annoying phone calls that needed to be done; I scheduled stuff; I cleaned and organized; I did laundry and put it away. Amazing!

I also did my first day of the 30 day thing and it was awesome. I showered, brushed my teeth twice, put on full make-up, got dressed and did my hair (it was so cute; spiral bobby pins are awesome!).

I should also probably review my evil side effects from Mirena.

1. Weight loss: I just started this diet so we'll see. I hate dieting!
2. Depression: Definitely a huge difference: energy, wanting to engage in life rather than kinda check out. I feel great.
3. Hair loss: completely stopped.
4. Giant boobs: I'm going to measure them in the morning so I can keep up with that but I haven't noticed a difference.
5. Exhaustion: holy cow, is that gone. Thank you Lord.
6. Constipation: not a problem

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