Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unschooling, Part 2: TV/Video Games/Computer

This is a tough one for me. I do see where unschoolers are coming from in this. Video games are amazing for learning. You need to use reading, math, critical thinking, eye hand coordination, fine motor skills, etc. But there are disturbingly violent video games. I'm not ok with that.

You can learn a ton from TV or just enjoy it. But there are shows with extreme, horrific, graphic violence. There are shows that glorify violence. There are shows that show lots of nudity and sex but in a degrading, unrealistic way. None of those things are ok with me.

The Internet is an absolutely amazing source of information. But there are also sites with violence, sex, violent scenes of death, rape, etc and other things I don't think kids should be exposed to.

So for me I feel like letting Maggie partake in as much media as she wants with certain limits (on WHAT she can watch) is fine. I will not let her watch some things.

A lot of people say that if they let their child have unlimited access to media, they would never do anything else. But I know that isn't true for Maggie. There have been times (when I was in a bad place) that I let her watch unlimited TV and she always got to a point where she was done. Where she wanted to do something, anything else.

Is it unschooling if I put parameters on what my daughter has access to? I don't know but it's definitely what I'll do. I do think this is something we've already done. If Maggie asks to watch TV, which doesn't happen all that often (we go days without her requesting it (she doesn't play any video games yet and, while she does have a Kindle Fire, she doesn't use it often, although she always (usually, I leave it places a lot) has access to it)). Um, wow, that was a lot of parentheses.

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