Sunday, April 21, 2013

Unschooling, Part 4: Food

This was also a hard one for me. Actually I feel very similar about food as I do about TV. Processed food is addictive. It's very hard for me to make good choices about food and I'm a grown ass woman.

I think my plan for this will be to stock the house with only things I am ok with Maggie eating. My sister did this and I think it's great. I do want to have some things prepared at all times (ie, fruit cut up or in places she can get it, cheeses, etc) so that she can just go get what she needs. I just wonder if it isn't annoying to be hungry and have to depend on another person to get that food (no matter how quick or kind they are about it).

But I also want Maggie to have some control in our decisions. To that end, I decided to let her buy one thing whenever we go to the grocery store (maybe any store). I did it at our most recent trip and I noticed it had an added bonus, she was very good about staying with me and not grabbing everything in sight. She knew she could get one thing and she was careful about choosing.

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