Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Memory: Laurie giving birth

I've been thinking of a few stories, occasions, etc that I really do want to remember forever. Anyway, I realized I didn't have them written down anywhere so here seemed like a good idea.

So. . .

When Laurie was pregnant, she and Jeff took a birthing class. For Jeff's part, he was supposed to be calm and reassuring, non stop, while she labored. He was supposed to not be offended if she was mean to him but continue reassuring her.

Laurie labored fast and furious (and naturally). And the whole time Jeff kept up his reassurances in a calm, quiet, even voice. But, as we all know, when you are in pain, you say all kinds of things.

At one point, Laurie turned to Jeff and said, "Would you please just shut the fuck up? Please!" And Jeff just said, "That's it, get it out. You're doing so good."

Seriously, I do not feel I have done it justice but it was so freaking funny.

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