Monday, October 21, 2013

Story: Sally and Thomas

So this one isn't really a memory. It's an amazing story. Sally is Laurie's mother-in-law. I've known her for years and years and we are all basically family. Thomas is her younger son.

Sally struggled with infertility for years. Eventually she and her husband, Bruce, decided to adopt. Right before their adoption was complete, they found out they were pregnant. Their miracle baby, Jeff.

About 5 years later, they were pregnant again. Around 5 months in to the pregnancy, Sally went to the doctor with bleeding and found out she had had a miscarriage. The doctor offered to do a D and C but Sally declined.

After several weeks, Sally felt like she was still pregnant. She went back to the doctor and sure enough. It turned out Thomas had a twin who died but he was still alive. Of course, if she'd had the D and C it would have killed Thomas.

Then after Thomas was born, Sally found a name book and looked up Thomas to see what it meant. It means twin.

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