Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wrap-up--January 2014

What was the best thing that happened this month?
  • I kicked ass on my health goals. I ate really well and exercised almost every day. And I've felt great doing it. Woo hoo!
  • I've also done a great job of not freaking out when I've messed up.
What was the worst thing that happened this month?
  • I got pseudo-sick. Never really horribly, in bed sick; just this lingering tired, grumpy, icky thing. It's lasted over a week and been quite lame.
What do you wish you'd done better?
  • I did a subpar job of dating stuff and PBH stuff. I hate dating so much and I really blew that off a lot. But towards the end of the month, I turned that around. 
  • The PBH stuff, I just wasn't too consistent about. I've done it more this month than ever in the past. And I have been working on improving things (the environment, materials, etc.)
What are your goals for next month?
  •  Do better at PBH and dating.

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