Friday, July 25, 2014

Captain Obvious!

Lately I've had major epiphanies that most people just kind of know. For one thing, I kept noticing that my head would be hot while I was outside and even while wearing sunglasses, I would still squint a lot. What could I use to fix this? Maybe something on my head? Hmmmm. . . .

I know! A hat! The worst part is how I want to tell everyone about my genius solution. Next I'll be telling about my invention for hot, sore feet while walking outside.

My other epiphany is: Sugar is bad! Crazy, right?

I kept having these weird symptoms. Generally feeling crappy, exhausted, bloated, dizzy, moody and usually in a not so pleasant way. I continuously bothered Laurie to figure out what was wrong with me and she kept saying she thought it was too much sugar and processed food. I was sure she was wrong but I gave it a go and good Lord. I cut out most sugar. I still have fruit and yogurt in my smoothie but nothing too sugary and it made a huge difference. Immediately.

My mood vastly improved (I'm sure the kids were thrilled). I was no longer sleepy or dizzy or bloated. I could see a difference in my stomach (less bloated) within a couple of days. It's been amazing.

And yet, it is almost always a struggle. Ugh! You would think feeling so much better, looking so much better, acting so much better would be an easy choice to make but no. . .

So far, I've done fairly well. Every time I cheat, I feel like crap. I mean seriously I fell asleep on the couch with all 3 kids running around.

Sugar is bad. Hats are helpful. The end.

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