Saturday, March 12, 2016

February Wrap-up

What was the best thing that happened this month?
I got back on track! I think the trick is to force myself to do everything in my routine even if it's completely half-assed. Every day it gets easier until there is no struggle.

Baby goats!

What was the worst thing that happened this month?
Sleep!!! Ruby has been having such a hard time. And it's just sucked everything into a black hole.
What do you wish you'd done better?
Spend more time with Maggie. This is killing me. I feel so sorry for her. She's so bored.
What are your goals for next month?
Improve Ruby's sleep schedule. Go back to work.
What were your goals for this month and did you meet them?
Cement plans for going back to work. I contacted my previous supervisor but she is pregnant and due shortly after I return to work so I'll need to go higher up the chain to find a new supervisor and clients that aren't too far from me.

Did you go on any vacations?
Did you spend time with friends/family?
Laurie. We went out to Paradise to see Grandma, Grandpa Dennis, and Amanda. Maureen came to visit.

Any illnesses or injuries?
What did you listen to/watch/read?
Serial, both season 2 and Adnan's update, Marc maron, Rachel maddow, bill maher, happier, hello by Adele (I get it now, this song is great and I no longer immediately hear the Lionel Richie song). Interstellar. The Avengers. Iron Man 3. Uptown funk. Boyhood (oh so good, just wow, I loved it so much). Bobby. Thor 2. Parks and rec. Bury your dead. Down the rabbit hole. Flash boys. Mrs. Roosevelt's confidant. Happily Ali after. Gumption.
What progress have you made on your daily/weekly goals?
Considering the black hole, pretty damn good.
What progress have you made on your ongoing, big goals?
I don't know. Good, I suppose. I've kept up with school. My kids are alive.
What was the best thing that happened in the world?
What was the worst thing happening in the world?

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