Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017 Wrap-up

What was the best thing that happened this month?
I got an amazing compliment, one I never even knew I would want. My Aunt Susie told me, You have such a happy home.

I started doing Body Rock. It's a crazy intense workout but it's only 12 minutes a day. It's 3 intervals of 50 seconds work, 10 seconds of rest. I feel so much stronger already.
What was the worst thing that happened this month?
I couldn't lose weight even though I (thought) I was doing everything right. I kept wracking my brain. Finally at the sage Laurie's advice, I entered all of my information into one of those calorie counting apps and I was using copious amounts of olive oil to cook AND in my salad.

Trump. I've got to figure out a way to accept what's happening and not fall apart. Things are only going to get worse.
What do you wish you'd done better?
Figure out staying mentally healthy with Trump in office. I have to take care of myself and take action. Falling into depression won't help anyone.
What are your goals for next month?
I sure would enjoy actually losing some weight.

Don't fall apart the next time Trump does something awful. Self-care and meaningful action.
What were your goals for this month and did you meet them?
Get back on track. Absolutely. I've had a great month.
Did you go on any vacations?
Did you spend time with friends/family?
New Year's Day with Laurie, Jeff, Gwen, Alan, and Annie and all of the kiddos. So much fun!

Maureen came in town to visit.

Saturday night dinner: first Saturday was Aunt Susie. Second, we had to cancel because Maggie threw up. Third was Gwen and Kandice, Jeremiah, Jake, Jordan, and Jayden. It was so much fun! Fourth was my friend Anne, her husband, Lee, and their kids Alex and Nathan. Very fun.

I also had a movie night for Maggie and her friends.

Any illnesses or injuries?
Maggie was sick for a day. She threw up once and then was fine. Ella (probably) had the same thing and was just ravaged by it.

Ruby was teething off and on.

We got something in the past couple of days. Like hot and kinda nauseous and just yucky. Nothing overt, it was strange.
What did you listen to/watch/read?
Broadchurch--first season was pretty good
Friends--I need happy
Top of the Lake--and mystery, I suppose

One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson--eh. . .
Woman with a Secret by Sophie Hannah--I liked it a lot. I was hooked.
(aside: i'm having a really hard time concentrating on books. i'm so stressed out about political stuff, my mind needs easy bite-sized crap to enjoy. hence, tv and lots of blog posts.)


Podcasts--This American Life, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me, Rachel Maddow, Radiolab, Happier, NPR Politics, Stuff You Should Know, WTF with Marc Maron, Fresh Air, My Favorite Murder, Someone Knows Something, True Crime Garage, The Dollop

What progress have you made on your daily/weekly goals?
Lots. I've been doing quite well with following my routines and meeting my daily goals.
What progress have you made on your ongoing, big goals?
  1. Refinance house
    1. Not yet.
  2. Build an emergency fund
    1. Not yet.
    1. I did this! I actually did this. I haven't had fast food in 40 days. Amazing!
  4. Call my representatives once a month
    1. I did this! I've called all three of my representatives and written real emails. I still haven't gotten through or gotten anyone to call me back but! I'm not giving up.
  5. No sugar
    1. I did this! Again, I cannot believe this is something I've been able to stick to. The past couple of days have absolutely been the hardest but I haven't cracked. Amazing! 40 days, folks!

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