Monday, March 6, 2017

February 2017 Wrap-up

What was the best thing that happened this month?
The resistance. I got child support!!!
What was the worst thing that happened this month?
Trump. Everyone in my family was sick over and over. No more!
What do you wish you'd done better?
Contact my representatives! I failed. I did not resist.
What are your goals for next month?
      1. Call my representatives at least once a month
      2. Play a game with Maggie at least twice a week
      3. Resume PBH
What were your goals for this month and did you meet them?

  1. Lose weight
    1. I did! I lost 5 pounds. Hooray!
  2. Don't fall apart next time Trump does something evil--I did this. I think the election and the inauguration were the hardest days. I have to remember: don't wallow, ACT!
  3. Call my representatives at least once a week--speaking of, nope. Sure didn't meet this goal. Between illness, working my ass off, homeschooling and mothering two kids, I didn't do it. But I will. 
Did you go on any vacations?
Did you spend time with friends/family?
Laurie and her kids came for dinner once. We went to Aunt Susie's house for her birthday (Laurie and her kiddos, Gwen, Mamaw and Gene were all there). That may be it. Stupid February.
Any illnesses or injuries?
Yes!!! So much sickness.
What did you listen to/watch/read?
  1. TV--Top of the Lake--blech, Unbreakable--loved it!
  2. Books--Spring Chicken (loved!); When Will There be Good News? (eh), Year of No Sugar (it was pretty good), Eat Move Sleep (eh), The Power of Habit (loved!)
  3. Movies--none
  4. Podcasts--Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, This American Life, Wait wait. . . don't tell me, Rachel Maddow, RadioLab, Happier, NPR Politics, Bill Maher, Fresh Air, My Favorite Murder, Someone Knows Something, The Dollop
What progress have you made on your daily/weekly goals?
I've done pretty darn well. Especially considering the sickness. I worked out most days. I had my one planned cheat day but no other sugar and no fast food. Amazing. I switched to vegetarian. I don't want to feel guilty every time I eat. I know what goes into getting that meat in my face and I don't want to be a part of that.
What progress have you made on your ongoing, big goals?

  1. Refinance my house--I'm planning on contacting the guy next week to figure out this process.
  2. Build an emergency fund--I have started it with a nice fat transfer!!! Hooray!
  3. Call my representatives at least once a week--I'm sorry I didn't keep up my part of the resistance.
  4. No sugar--DONE! I had my one pre-planned cheat day but nothing else. WOW!!!
  5. No fast food--None. At all. I haven't had fast food since before Christmas. Isn't that crazy?!?